Centre of Cognition and Emotion Research

Dr Kimberly Mercuri


Dr Kimberly Mercuri completed her PhD and graduated in 2015.
Her research investigated episodic foresight in recreational users of cannabis, and long-term users of heroin. Episodic foresight refers to the uniquely human ability to mentally project the self into the future and pre-experience an event. Overall, the results of this research show that episodic foresight is compromised in chronic but not recreational substance users. These findings have major implications for rehabilitation programs.



Mercuri, K., Terrett, G., Henry, J.D., Bailey, P. E, Curran, H. V., & Rendell, P. G., (2014). Episodic foresight deficits in long-term opiate users. Psychopharmacology. 232, 1337-1345.


Terrett, G., McLennan, S. N., Henry, J D., Biernacki, K., Mercuri, K., Curran, H. V., & Rendell, P. G. (2014). Prospective memory impairment in long-term opiate users. Psychopharmacology, 231(13), 2623-2632.