Centre of Cognition and Emotion Research

“I wish to express sincere gratitude to my supervisor Associate Professor Gill Terrett. There have been hurdles in completing this doctorate and I would like to thank her for giving me her invaluable support, wonderful guidance, encouragement and patience during this whole process.”

“I would also like to thank Professor Peter Rendell for his assistance with and knowledge if cognitive research, particularly Prospective Memory, and for his guidance with statistical analysis.”

 – Roxanne White

“I am hugely indebted to my two brilliant supervisors Associate Professor Gill Terrett and Professor Peter Rendell. Gill has played multiple roles in my thesis saga. She has been my guiding light, rational mind, ruthless proofreader, validating ear, and delivered the firmest reality checks all blanketed in her maternal-like warmth. I will always envy her ability to make the simplest of sentences sound beautifully sophisticated and never forget her commitment towards making sure I submitted on my submission day. Peter also provided unwavering support throughout this ordeal”

 – Kimberly Mercuri

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisory team, Professor Peter Rendell, Dr Skye McLennan and Dr Jan Cameron. I am indebted to each of them for their guidance and encouragement, honest feedback, and good humour over the course of this thesis. Their wisdom, insights, and endless ideas have been admirable. Each of them individually pushed me to extents I didn’t realise were possible and they enabled me to exceed my own expectations.”

– Tina Habota